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ion-SMP offers the following features:

  • Fully PEPPOL compliant SMP service

    • Support for publishing in the PEPPOL production environment (SML)
    • Support for publishing in the PEPPOL test environment (SMK)
    • PEPPOL Directory support
    • Support for seamless migration from and to other SMPs with migration codes (if the other SMP supports this as well)
  • Speed

    • SMP lookups are blazingly fast, up to three times faster than the average SMP
  • Participant management

    • A web interface for easy management of your participants
    • Support for ’endpoint profiles’, where you can easily change the endpoints and document types for many or even all of your participants.
  • Multiple users

    • You can create additional user logins for your account. These additional users do not have access to account settings, but can edit and update all endpoint and participant information. This way, you do not need to share the main account with the other users from your organization.
  • Integration

    • A REST API for easy integration in your environment
    • Compatibility APIs for users transfering from other SMPs