Compatibility API
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Compatibility API for GalaxyGateway

We also provide a compatibility API for GalaxyGateway (2.0, as well as the 2.1 extension). If you are currently using GalaxyGateway, you can migrate to ion-SMP by simply updating the base endpoint of your API client.

Do note we recommend to use our main API; the GalaxyGateway API does not support all of the features of ion-SMP. Most notably, it lacks support for:

  • participant migration
  • publication in the SMK
  • endpoint profiles

These features are not supported by GalaxyGateway, and therefore not available in the compatibility API.

For endpoint profiles, this incompatibility goes both ways; if you use endpoint profiles for easy maintenance of many participants, it is not possible to maintain your participants with the compatibility APIs, as they cannot map the endpoint profiles to individual participant configurations. If you wish to continue using the compatibility APIs, you should not configure any endpoint profiles, but configure all endpoints and document types for each participant individually.


Authentication to the API can be done with tokens, but the header is slightly different from the one used by GalaxyGateway, as they use a custom HTTP header instead of a standard one.

To authenticate with a token on our API, use the header:

Authorization: Token <your token>

Do not use:

Token: <your token>

Base endpoints

The base endpoint for GalaxyGateway API 2.0 is

The base endpoint for the GalaxyGateway API 2.1 extension is

Examples of specific endpoints

The GGW 2.0 API endpoint to create, update and delete participants:


The GGW 2.1 API endpoint to create, update and delete endpoints:


The GGW 2.0 API endpoint to publish a participant in the SML:


For the full list of endpoints and methods, please check the original documentation.

Content and accept types

The compatibility APIs accept and send data of the following MIME types:

  • application/json (recommended)
  • application/xml